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Low Fat Salad Dressing Recipes * CarrotRecipes * Raw Food Weight Loss * Raw Food Diet Menu * Carrot Salad Recipe * Celery Recipes * Tomato Recipes * ? Baby Bok Choy Carrot Celery Cilantro Cauliflower Salad Recipe with Homemade Tomato Citrus Healthy Salad Dressing ? * I ngredients * For the SALAD: — 1 head of Baby Bok Choy — 1/2 head of Cauliflower, broken into florets — 2-4 Carrots (unpeeled if organic, or peeled if inorganic) — 1/2 head of Celery — 1 bunch of Cilantro For the DRESSING: — 2 Tomatoes — 1 Orange — 1 Lime — 1 Avocado — 2-3 cloves of Garlic * P reparation * — 1) Using your food processor’s chopper blade attachment, run baby bok choy, cauliflower, carrots, celery & cilantro through your food processor, and then transfer everything to a serving platter. — 2) To make the dressing, roughly chop the tomatoes and throw into your Vita-Mix blender, Vita-Mix, or other high-powered blender of your choice. or — 3) Use a manual citrus juicer or a citrus hand juicer to squeeze the juice of the orange and lime into the Vitamix as well. — 4) Roughly chop the avocado and toss into your Vitamix along with the garlic cloves. — 5) Blend until desired consistency is reached. — 6) Drizzle dressing over salad or offer it on the side…your lunch or dinner is now served; enjoy! * I nspiration * — If a surgeon wanted to “cut” me right now to get rid of excess fat, I would try going with the raw fruits and vegetables first! Juices would be ideal, but if that isn’t

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