Family Insurance Premiums Rise Modestly For 3rd Year, Survey Finds

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Farmers will feed grass fed cows hay during winter months. Their dietary intake may also include a mix of other foods, which you can learn about from the following articles online.

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After a string of high-profile cases of kids being left in hot cars this year, a new study shows just how quickly heat can become a danger, even in cooler months of the year.

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Study of NCAA Division I athletes found majority

Players did not have concussions, still showed modifications in white matter

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From purple to orange to yellow, boost your diet program by incorporating shade to your meals and snacks.

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The value – and risk – of subscribing to superstitions.

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Just how many calories are in that mojito and mozzarella stick? Check out the chart below before heading out for your New Year’s Eve celebrations. Let’s start with the drinks first and then move on to the food.

Drink Serving Size Calories Fat (grams) Sodium (milligrams) Carbs (grams)
Apple Martini 2.5 ounces 175 Zero Zero 8.5
Budweiser Beer 12 ounces 147 Zero Zero 10.7
Bud Light 12 ounces 110 Zero Zero 6.6
Chardonnay 5.1 ounces 120 Zero Zero 3.8
Cosmo Six ounces 143 Zero Two 3.6
Dark and Stormy Seven ounces 162 Zero 19 Nine
Gin and Tonic Six ounces 143 Zero 17 12.1
Long Island Iced Tea Five ounces 292 Zero 33 6.6
Mai Tai Five ounces 260 Zero Zero 17
Margarita (on the rocks with salt) 3.3 ounces 153 Zero 583 Seven
Merlot 5.1 ounces 119 Zero Zero 4.1
Mojito Eight ounces 122 Zero Zero Seven
Mudslide Five ounces 350 8.6 Zero 41.8
Piña Colada 4.5 ounces 245 2.7 Eight 32
Rum and Coke 12 ounces 369 Zero 65 26
Sangria Eight ounces 155 Zero 26.5 21
Sea Breeze Five ounces 144 Zero Nine 11.8
Sex on the Beach Six ounces 190 Zero Two 18.3
Strawberry Daiquiri 10 ounces 230 Zero Five 56
Cape Cod (vodka and cranberry) 5.5 ounces 117 Zero Zero 17
Vodka Tonic 7.5 ounces 175 Zero Zero 16
White Russian Six ounces 374 16 35 12

Here’s the nutritional info for the munchies that go along with your beverage.

Appetizer Serving Size Calories Fat (grams) Sodium (milligrams) Carbs (grams)
Bruschetta One-ounce slice 158 Eight Zero 18
Fried Calamari One cup 300 13 Zero 17
Chicken Wings Three wings 477 32.1 471 16.2
Chicken Quesadilla 1/4 of a whole 535 33.3 869 32
Chips and Salsa 14 chips with three tablespoons salsa 97 4.1 222 10.5
Flatbread Pizza 1/4 of the pizza 150 Five 350 18.5
Steak-Cut French Fries 10 fries 281 15 170 33
Hummus and Carrots Two tablespoons hummus and 10 baby carrots 105 6.1 198 12.2
Mozzarella Sticks Three pieces 330 18 780 21
Loaded Nachos Six to eight chips 569 30.7 1800 55.8
Onion Rings Eight pieces 276 15.5 430 31.3
Peanuts One ounce 166 14.1 230 6.1
Potato Skins (with bacon and cheddar) Two pieces 150 Nine 300 11
Spinach and Artichoke Dip With Chips 1/4 order 310 19 470 27
Sweet Potato Fries Three ounces (about 15 fries) 120 Three 180 22
Cheese Plate One ounce cheddar and 15 grapes 164 9.4 176 13.7

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From dumbbell squats to burpee pushups, rejoice the holiday seasons with these excess weight-instruction moves.

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Truly feel like the holiday year is out to sabotage your waistline? You happen to be not on your own. A current survey by Health magazine and Jenny Craig discovered that forty seven p.c of women obtain four to five pounds above the holiday season – many thanks in massive component to scrumptious meals choices, elevated stress, and active schedules. Seem acquainted? Read through on for guidelines on how to survive the period.

Too Much to Do

Also a lot to do, way too little time. With so many social obligations this thirty day period, the initial thing that gets knocked off your to-do record is often your exercise. But even if you never consider you have time to suit in a exercise, these techniques will aid you adhere to your targets:

  • Stick with it: A handful of simple changes to your training regimen can assist you adhere to it all Wintertime. Change to morning workouts to get it out of the way prior to night obligations, or spend in sweat-wicking functionality equipment so you happen to be often cozy in the course of cold-evening outdoor workouts. Right here are much more suggestions on sticking with your exercise.
  • Make it quick: You will not have the time for several hours in the health club, but anyone can match in a few minutes listed here and there. Multitask with whole-entire body moves that whip you into shape in no time right here are 10 total-body exercises that do just that.

Mmm, Food

It really is hard to say no with continuous temptation below your nose – and if you are frequenting events this thirty day period, it can seem to be like you will find absolutely nothing but tasty holiday meals and consume bordering you. But appear armed with a couple of of these straightforward methods at your next vacation party, and you will not likely need to enjoy wallflower.

  • Pick sensibly at the buffet line: Easy approaches can make it simpler to keep from overeating at a celebration. Choose a salad plate more than a evening meal plate, load up on filling proteins rather of carbs. Here are even more strategies on how to try to eat healthful at a supper.
  • Sip gradually: If your downfall is the overflowing libations at a getaway party, it’s time to sluggish down. Rehydrate and save calories by water-backing every single alcoholic consume, or get your dialogue away from the punch bowl.

Increased Tension

Daily life can be frantic in the course of the getaway year, which can suggest much more tension and significantly less time to cope. If you’re emotion confused, attempt a few basic suggestions for beating anxiety this getaway period:

  • Wake up before to make your mornings calmer.
  • Suit in a few minutes of workout. Even a couple of minutes of squats or a quick dance to your preferred track while you’re obtaining prepared in the morning can help you blow off steam.
  • Try to eat for stress. Vitamin-C-wealthy meals aid you combat tension, as do omega-3 fatty acids. Snack on almonds, steam some salmon for meal, or try to eat these tension-fighting foodstuff when you’re sensation nervous.

Uncover out a lot more guidelines for de-stressing above the holidays.

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