If you are on the hunt for a new way to enjoy eggs, attempt this engage in on the standard Middle Eastern dish shakshuka that satisfies as a specific Spring breakfast or post-exercise supper. With a lot more than twenty grams of protein and practically forty p.c of your advised fiber for the working day, this 350-calorie meal consists of completely poached eggs swimming in a aromatic and spicy tomato-sauce tub. To amp things up in the diet department, garbanzo beans are added for even more protein and Swiss chard provides vitamin A, vitamin C, and iron.

Poached Eggs With Tomato, Swiss Chard, and Chickpeas


one tablespoon olive oil

4 cloves garlic, minced

1 white onion, diced

one/two cup chickpeas

one can diced tomatoes, drained

1 teaspoon cumin

one 1/2 teaspoons cinnamon

two teaspoons paprika

one/two tablespoon red pepper flakes

two cups Swiss or pink chard, chopped

six eggs

Refreshing basil, for garnish


  1. Preheat oven to 400°F.
  2. Warmth oil in ovenproof skillet above medium heat. Insert onion and garlic and sauté for five minutes. Insert chickpeas and sauté for one more three minutes.
  3. Incorporate diced tomatoes, cumin, cinnamon, paprika, purple pepper flakes, and carry to a boil. Change the heat down to simmer for ten minutes.
  4. Insert Swiss chard and prepare dinner down for about 1 minute.
  5. Make 6 tiny wells in the tomato and chard mixture, and add eggs to the skillet little by little.
  6. Shift the skillet to the preheated oven, and bake for fifteen to 20 minutes or until finally the whites are set.
  7. Eliminate from oven, sprinkle with basil, serve, and take pleasure in.

Supply: Calorie Count


Energy for each serving

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Reader Jennifer Piccolo’s weight never bothered her; in fact, she was a successful athlete in high school. “I was confident in myself, liked the way I looked, and obviously really enjoyed all of the horrible crap I was putting into my body,” she says on her blog, JenTheFitFoodie. “I was actually pretty fit for being overweight. I worked hard (most of the time) and enjoyed every second of it, even going to Florida multiple times to compete at the national level with other dance schools around the country.” But a desire to take better care of her health eventually led Jennifer to begin her weight-loss journey. Read about her story below, and then check out the rest of our before-and-after series here!

Jennifer: Before

POPSUGAR Fitness: What made you decide to start?
Jennifer Piccolo: I decided to start losing weight at the end of my senior year of high school. I wanted to feel better about myself, be healthy, and fit into all the cute clothes that my friends could wear.

PS: What’s your favorite way to work out?
JP: I love to work out at home. I own a treadmill and an elliptical. I really enjoy doing high-intensity interval training on the treadmill! It’s quick and effective. I also own a lot of The Biggest Loser DVDs. I love Bob Harper!

PS: What’s your weekly exercise schedule?
I work out five days a week for 45 to 60 minutes. Cardio: three days; strength training: two days.

PS: How do you keep workouts exciting?
JP: I like to work out with someone. My mom and I always work out together! It definitely keeps working out fun and exciting when you have someone else to motivate you. We love to go on long bike rides together in the Summer! My mom has lost 80 pounds!

Jennifer: Before

PS: How much weight have you lost?
JP: Since I started on my weight-loss journey, I have lost a total of 70 pounds and am currently working on my last 10 pounds.

PS: What was the first big difference, other than the number on the scale, that really made you feel proud and excited?
JP: I’ve always hated running, because I was so out of shape. I actually cheated on the mile-run part of the physical fitness test at school. We had to run around the track four times to complete one mile, we grabbed Popsicle sticks each time around to represent every lap, and on one lap, I cheated and grabbed two just so I wouldn’t be the last one to finish. So for me, a nonscale victory was being able to jog on the treadmill for a mile straight and not be completely out of breath and wanting to give up. I felt awesome. I was so proud of myself!

Jennifer: After

PS: How do you track your weight loss?
JP: I keep track of my weight by weighing myself once a week. However, I don’t focus too much on the number. I like to track my progress by how I fit into my skinny jeans.

PS: What’s a typical day of meals and snacks?

  • Breakfast: one egg, two egg whites, one slice Ezekiel toast with 1/4 mashed avocado on top.
  • Snack: Kind bar.
  • Lunch: brown rice tortilla wrap. I’ll load it up with lean turkey, tons of veggies, and use hummus in the place of mayo.
  • Snack: dried unsweetened fruit and a handful of almonds.
  • Dinner: four ounces of a lean protein (chicken or fish), roasted brussels sprouts, and 1/2 cup of quinoa.

PS: What’s the range of calories you eat per day?
JP: I eat around 1,600 calories a day, and I find that works for me! I feel completely satisfied but still create a calorie deficit to help me reach my weight-loss goals.

PS: What are the healthy staples that are always in your fridge?
JP: I ALWAYS have hummus in my fridge. Like I mentioned before, I completely cut out mayo and replace it with hummus. I use it on sandwiches and for my tuna salads. Canned tuna mixed with a little hummus and Dijon mustard is so delicious. I also love it with baby carrots: the perfect snack.

Jennifer: After

PS: How do you strategize for meals out?
JP: I try to do research and look up nutrition info; however, if that’s not available, I do my best to use my own judgement. I will load up on lean protein and veggies and have a smaller portion of any type of starch that comes with the meal. Sometimes I will just order what I want if I’m really craving it and just eat half!

PS: What advice do you have for anyone starting out on a weight-loss journey?
JP: For anyone beginning a weight-loss journey, the best advice I can give is to not cut anything out completely. Don’t change your diet so drastically, because you will get overwhelmed, and you won’t stick to it. Slowly make changes and transform your life. Remember: it’s not a diet; it’s a complete lifestyle change. It will take time, and you will get discouraged, but I promise you it will be worth it and you can do it – I believe in you! I never thought that I would be able to lose 70 pounds. If I can do it, you can too!

Jennifer: After

Do you have an inspiring before-and-after story to share? Message us on Facebook, and give us a few details of your journey. We might even profile you on the site, like Jennifer!

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Right after a long, sweaty operate, you need to refuel and rehydrate rapidly. Whip up this fast coconut-drinking water restoration smoothie from ultramarathoner Dean Karnazes, who is also a spokesman for ZICO. Packed with electrolytes, protein, and carbs, this mild-tasting smoothie is delightful without having getting overpowering.

“It really is almost certainly my preferred restoration beverage,” says Dean, who recommends you decide for pure, unsweetened coconut drinking water for the ideal equilibrium of electrolytes and sugars.

Get the recipe underneath.

Monkey Flip Restoration Smoothie


twelve ounces of pure, unsweetened coconut water

one banana

1 tablespoon almond butter

two tablespoons plain nonfat Greek yogurt

Stevia or honey, to style

Ice, to choice


Add all the substances to a blender, and then blend until finally clean.

Resource: Calorie Count


Require to Spring thoroughly clean your fitness routine? Self asked best trainers and athletes how they flip up the heat on their workout routines – and how you can use their tricks to get significant outcomes.

Acknowledge it: the polar vortex forced you to overlook far more than one particular spin course this winter. Don’t fret&mdash we have requested a couple of of the country’s fittest specialists for some advice on how to shape up A.S.A.P. Here’s how to give your each day regimen a improve.

When you have NO time. Nike grasp trainer Holly Rilinger claims all you have to do is HIIT it – that is high-depth interval training -with these five useful movements: Press, pull, squat, lunge, rotate. That could be drive-ups, a plank with a row (keep a plank while you row a dumbbell with 1 arm, then the other) jump squats, facet-to-facet lunges, and a dumbbell wood chop. Do every single go for forty five seconds, heading all-out, and relaxation fifteen seconds at the conclude right away begin the next exercising. It only will take five minutes! Have a little far more time? Double down.

When you consider you are unable to make it a next longer. Basketball star and guard for the WNBA’s Tulsa Shock Skylar Diggins thinks of this phrase each time it seems extremely hard to do one particular much more rep, “‘You could really feel winded, but your muscles are prepared.’ A mentor informed me that a long time in the past, and it caught with me. Your brain always needs to stop prior to your body.”

When you want to hoff that donut. You know all the smartest education in the globe can be undone by taking in bad foods&mdash but that isn’t going to end you from seeking to inhale cupcakes at function. How do you defeat the urge? Consider this suggestions from Sadie Lincoln, creator of barre3, which she states operates for avoiding senseless eating: “Merely say in your head: ‘This is important to me.’ After you remind your self why you want to act a particular way, it truly is considerably less difficult to actually do it.”

When you know you might be fifty percent-assing it. As soon as, when choreographer Derek Hough was leading a group by way of a cardio dance session, he observed a few dancers who ended up just heading by way of the motions. His quotation? “Hey! Performing this [mimes a lackluster shuffle and hip pop] won’t get you anywhere. If you are not in it, it is not well worth it. And if you want to burn off, if you want to modify, if you want to have fun, you’ve gotta perform it.” His level rings real for any session: You manufactured the time to be below! Give it all you’ve got.

When you have strike a plateau. You have to kick your movements up a notch. Doing the identical exercise routines more than and over and expecting new human body benefits IS madness. Which is why Nike Learn Trainer Marie Purvis always involves progressions in her exercises, and you should way too. How to do it? Say you’ve began with a backward lunge. Now add a kick at the prime. Simple? Make it a jumping lunge. You can bang out 20? Consider it back again to a regular lunge, but hold 10-pound dumbbells in each hand. You can slowly progress any motion you might be carrying out to refresh your go-to exercise. For far more suggestions, check out out the Nike Education Club application Marie types every single work out.

When you might be tempted to do a lot more, far more, far more. If a excellent volume of operating out is healthier, then a ton of functioning out must be uber-healthful. Which is the fraught exercise lure we can all fall into. Just take it from gold-medal gymnast Gabby Douglas, an athlete who’s continuously judged on her form, human body and functionality, that reserving rest times is not just sensible&mdash it’s part of training: “If I don’t just take a day off to chill out and allow my muscle tissues bounce back, my instruction suffers. My overall performance suffers. I commence to feel sluggish, and I will start slacking in the fitness center.” Keep in mind, a lot more isn’t more when it will come to workout. If you happen to be fatigued, if you might be 2nd-guessing whether or not you need to have a workout, get a working day and get back again at it tough the following time.

When you require to make a training a tiny far more enjoyable. Grab a good friend for these tag-group exercises developed by Marie Purvis. And before you roll your eyes and feel, “Associate moves?!” know this: These infants are a problem. You use every single other’s resistance and bodyweight (and enthusiasm!) to get even a lot more of a burn off than you could on your personal.


Get into a vast, minimal squat 3 ft absent and experiencing your associate, prolong your opposite arms (your proper arm, her remaining arm), and grab arms. Commence to pull, escalating the resistance until finally you might be each making an attempt to toss each and every other off equilibrium, whilst maintaining the squat. Continue for thirty seconds. Repeat 2 times.


One partner retains a plank with legs jointly, even though the other associate hops again-and-forth over her legs. Up the obstacle: Have the partner holding plank go up and down onto her forearms. Carry on for thirty seconds, and then change roles. Repeat 2 times.


One particular associate lies faceup on the floor and retains a bridge with hips higher the 2nd associate crops her palms on her partner’s knees, experiencing absent, and commences undertaking triceps dips. Continue for 30 seconds, then switch roles. Repeat 2 times.

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But parents should still try to correct bad sleep

Brief sleepers may possibly be at increased chance for obesity, study implies

WebMD Well being


Costing upward of $ 150, high-good quality managing sneakers can set really a dent in your wallet - and dependent on how a lot you operate, you may possibly have to change them two occasions a year. You certainly do not want to compromise on assist or features, so consider these strategies for prolonging the lifestyle of your footwear.

Be Trustworthy

You could be in love with individuals superstylish sizzling-pink managing sneaks, but genuinely, you happen to be not a road runner, you’re a trail blazer. If you operate on uneven, wet trails, you may speedily wear by means of sneakers created for the highway. Obtain footwear particularly created for the surface area you normally operate on, and they’re going to previous a whole lot longer. If you tend to blend up your terrain (thumbs-up to you!), then purchase a number of pairs based on your managing-floor demands.

So What If They Match Your Outfit?

Even if your managing sneakers are sweet sufficient for submit-workout errands, reserve them just for your runs. The far more you wear them, the faster the soles will wear out and the faster the help will start to go downhill. It is advisable that you change sneakers each 300 to 500 miles, which functions out to every 5 to eight months if you are clocking 15 miles a week. If your weekly mileage is a lot more, then you need to have to change them even quicker (cue the funds sign up audio). Get the most for your income by shifting into a pair of each day shoes for a fast jaunt to the wellness food shop.

Consider an Extra Two Minutes to Do This

Hurrying to fit your workout in signifies saving time each time you can. But slipping your sneakers on or off with no untying the laces can extend out your sneaks, impacting the snug suit, triggering you to want a new pair earlier than expected. Right after a operate, do a beautiful Standing Ahead Bend or Seated Straddle whilst slowly and gradually loosening every sneak.

How About a Small Air?

No matter whether your kicks are soaked from sweat or rain, do not keep them in a dim closet or stashed in your gym bag – depart them out in the open so they have a opportunity to air out. Musty, moldy sneakers will require to be changed even faster than the suggested time. Don’t place them on a radiator or in the dryer, either – excessive warmth will injury the leather and other materials on the shoe.


If you rack up critical mileage every 7 days, alternating amongst two pairs allows them to entirely dry out amongst runs. They can be two entirely different makes or two of the actual same pair you know and really like. You can alternate each day you operate or reserve a single pair for dirtier highway operates and one particular pair for cleaner treadmill operates. Also, for extended runs, it is suggested that you give your sneakers 24 hrs ahead of sporting them yet again - this makes it possible for the foam to return to its typical form and security.

Supply: Instagram person popsugarfitness Front Web page Graphic Source: Thinkstock

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Accident risk doubled for those who always drove

But that doesn’t suggest it really is risk-free for younger motorists to eat any alcoholic beverages, scientists say

WebMD Overall health


The high quality of tap water can vary relying upon where you live and whether or not the drinking water is supplied from a municipal internet site or you have your own spring or nicely. Contamination can happen not only from the water resource but also from sources nearer to residence. …
rapidly and easy excess weight loss ideas
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What is not to adore about higher-intensity interval instruction? Not only does HIIT help save you time, but it also burns tons of energy, the two while you work out and soon after (even if you happen to be performing nothing at all!). One particular of our favourite techniques to HIIT is Tabata, a variety of training that brings together 20 seconds of intense bursts of workouts with ten seconds of rest in 4-minute rounds. Does a brief and efficient workout sound very good to you? Get started here.

  1. Printable Tabata workout: Take it with you this printable Tabata workout could be the only point you require all Spring. Packed with so a lot of different types of moves, from backward lunges to burpees, so you do not get bored, this exercise will maintain you intrigued in your workout even though you burn up major calories.
  2. 10-moment, no-gear Tabata: For an all-in-1 exercise, just press engage in. This 10-minute Tabata workout video clip brings together two Tabata sets with a quick warmup and cooldown to get you in and out in just ten minutes! All you have to do is comply with together.
  3. And one more: Can not get ample of our Tabata workout routines? This 10-moment Tabata online video workout adds even far more depth to your schedule. Play it back to back with the earlier mentioned or on its very own for an successful, extreme training.
  4. Tabata mashup: Two classic moves, a single killer training. This Tabata mashup training video brings together twenty seconds of thrust-ups and 20 seconds of squats, alongside with brief relaxation intervals, for a sweat-inducing HIIT workout.
  5. Eight-moment Tabata: Never have time for a extended exercise? Tabata tends to make a fantastic swift and powerful training for when time is minimal. This 8-moment Tabata work out is basically two rounds of Tabata, so if you make a decision to do far more, you can repeat the exercise.
  6. Dwelling space Tabata: Too hot or moist to operate outside the house? Amp up your cardio program with this printable residence Tabata workout. Ideal for any little area, it’ll have you carrying out heart-rate-increasing moves like mountain climbers and squat jumps to melt away energy quick.
  7. 20-minute Tabata: If you happen to be quick on time, this do-anywhere work out will support you melt away main energy in no time at all. A combine of cardio and body-fat exercises completed at large intensity will sculpt your human body with no equipment essential. Understand how to do the total twenty-moment Tabata-influenced workout here.
  8. Overall-human body Tabata: For a more time workout that will make you feel like you invested hrs at the gymnasium, go for this 30-minute entire-human body Tabata workout. Be warned: even the rest durations will sculpt muscle tissue with specific isometric exercises like planks and wall sits.

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There are items you are unable to assist about your very own metabolic process, like aging and genetics, but they do not have the last say in how revved up it can be. If you feel like your metabolism could use a increase, check out out what functions (and what does not) below.

  1. Start off or amp up your strength training: If you happen to be a cardio female by means of and by means of, you’ve got probably listened to people telling you that you should add weight education to your regimen. That is because muscle tissue burn up calories at a larger charge than excess fat, so your fat burning capacity will be receiving a even bigger boost the more muscle mass mass you have. Presently incorporating energy instruction without having observing more benefits? Consider amping up your program, switching the variety of training, or introducing a yoga or Pilates course to your program.
  2. Get doing work on these intervals: There are several benefits to interval instruction, like better endurance, endurance, and speed, not to mention improved body fat burn off, so if you haven’t incorporated interval instruction into your regimen, now’s the time to start off! Listed here are some interval workout routines to get you started out.
  3. Take in the appropriate food items: Slow-burning protein keeps you experience complete, and not only that, but it will increase your metabolic charge as properly, considering that your physique is doing work to digest all that nutritionally abundant foodstuff. Whole grains and citrus fruits are other meals that rev up your body’s excess fat-burning potential examine out far more food items you should consume to boost your metabolic process right here.
  4. Try to eat at the proper time: It is not just what you consume it truly is when. Taking in breakfast soon following you wake up, for illustration, is one of the most essential nutritional techniques you can comply with when you want to up your metabolic rate. So make confident you eat breakfast as soon as possible, and consume at normal intervals to keep your metabolic rate revved up.

If you want to increase your fat burning capacity, never let your self get way too hungry – not only will you be more inclined to your cravings, but also, far more importantly, your fat burning capacity will sluggish down to compensate for the deficiency of energy you might be delivering your physique. While a small starvation can be excellent – it signals that your physique is efficiently making use of up nutrient assets – forgetting to consume or normally using way too prolonged amongst foods does the specific reverse to your metabolism than you want, so make certain to take in up!

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