Think snacking before bed packs on the pounds? You and your cravings will be happy to know that it’s a myth that eating in the evening leads to weight gain. As long as the total amount of calories you burn isn’t less than the calories you eat, it doesn’t matter when you consume those calories, day or night.

While scarfing down an entire plate of loaded nachos or pint of ice cream before calling it a night isn’t the way to go, if you need to eat something before bed, make sure you choose foods that don’t impair your quality of sleep. As a rule, avoid any spicy foods, citrus fruits, tomato sauce, and other foods that cause indigestion or heartburn. Fatty foods will also hinder your ability to get a good night’s rest since they are harder to digest. Avoid huge meals that take a lot of energy to digest, and opt for small snack portions (around 150 calories or fewer) of easily digestible foods instead.

The best snacks to have before bedtime are those that are low in calories but also contain the amino acid tryptophan, which helps the body create niacin and serotonin, the calming feel-good hormone. Bananas are also known for promoting z’s, as research shows that potassium is an important mineral for deep sleep. They also contain tryptophan, which will help you drift into dreamland even quicker. Other serotonin-inducing foods include poultry, oats, and honey. So try subbing some of these foods into your late night snack whenever possible. Pairing complex carbohydrates with some protein can make for a nice, light, filling bedtime snack. Here are some healthy options:

  • 1/4 cup plain oatmeal (74 calories) with one extra small mashed banana (73 calories): 147 calories
  • 1/2 cup Barbara’s Shredded Oats cereal (88 calories) with 3/4 cup skim milk (68 calories): 156 calories
  • Six-ounce serving of plain nonfat Greek yogurt (100 calories) sprinkled with 1/8 cup Bear Naked Fit Vanilla Almond Crunch Granola (60 calories): 160 calories
  • 1 slice whole-wheat toast (100 calories) topped with half an ounce shredded mozzarella cheese (36 calories): 136 calories
  • Four-inch whole-wheat pita (74 calories) with three slices turkey breast (66 calories): 140 calories

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Lack of sleep can affect your appearance in more ways than you think. Our friends at Self tell us just how bad sleep deprivation is for our waistlines.

We’ve all had those mornings where thanks to a bad night’s sleep, you get the dreaded, “You look really tired” (aka “You look like hell”) feedback from well-meaning co-workers and friends. We’ve all been there. But, dark under-eye circles and energy levels aside, here’s another reason for getting a full night’s rest: your waistline.

Yep, sleep can affect how much weight you gain. According to sleep scientists, we are not wired for sleep deprivation, and as a result, every bodily process is affected.

“There is no doubt that insufficient sleep promotes hunger and appetite, which can cause excessive food intake resulting in weight gain,” says Eve Van Cauter, director of the Sleep, Metabolism and Health Center at the University of Chicago.

Granted, it’s up for debate how many hours makes up the ideal full night’s rest. Research shows that all THESE things are happening on days you don’t get enough sleep:

  • Levels of a hunger hormone called ghrelin increase, and levels of the satiety/fullness hormone called leptin decreases. This can lead to overeating and weight gain.
  • You consume about 300 more calories a day, and most of it comes from high-fat foods.
  • You consume more calories than what is needed to provide the energy to stay awake longer. If this continuously happens at night it can lead to significant weight gain.

One study showed that participants who did not get enough sleep over five days not only had a higher carb intake, but they also gained nearly 2 pounds in that time period. Clearly, getting enough zzz’s is important.

Most adults need seven to eight hours of sleep. According to Kenneth Wright, director of sleep and chronobiology laboratory at the University of Colorado in Boulder, those people who are getting enough rest reduce both their fat and carb intake.

Now that’s something think about. Will you be turning lights out earlier tonight?

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WebMD’s asks experts to explain why you’re gaining weight.

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A lot of individuals decide on a vegan lifestyle for moral, environmental, or overall health motives. But if you are exclusively going meat-, dairy-, and egg-free since you think it will assist you drop kilos, you may finish up attaining rather than dropping excess weight. Preserve these factors in mind to keep away from plumping up on your vegan diet regime.

Chowing on Vegan Junk

Vegans might rejoice at the thought that french fries, potato chips, and Swedish Fish are all free of animal products. Even though they get the environmentally friendly light-weight, they’re also higher in excess fat, sugar, and calories. As with all junk foodstuff, if you try to eat it frequently, the numbers on the scale are certain to go up. Just due to the fact some junk foodstuff is vegan doesn’t indicate it’s healthier, so keep away from these foods, and decide for much healthier, decrease-calorie vegan noshables.

Go the Bread Basket, Please!

Several men and women never know how to cook dinner vegan foods, so when you head to a supper celebration or out to a restaurant, get completely ready to consume some dinner rolls and spaghetti! There’s absolutely nothing wrong with ingesting bread or pasta it is just that they’re high in energy. A meal roll will run you in excess of 200 energy, and though 1 cup of cooked pasta is a little above two hundred calories, plates have a tendency to be two or a few occasions more substantial than an acceptable serving measurement. If bread and pasta are staples in your vegan diet, it really is no wonder your trousers are experience a tiny cosy.

But That Cupcake Is Vegan!

Produced with butter, milk, and eggs, most cookies and cakes are off-boundaries, and missing out can be a small depressing. So when you stumble on a vegan carrot cupcake with Tofutti cream cheese frosting, indulging is a should. Go forward and enjoy vegan treats like dark chocolate and peanut butter brownies once in a while, but take in your sweets in moderation. Keep in mind that not-so-healthy food items – even even though they’re animal-totally free – are not calorie-free of charge.

Nuts For Protein

Snacking on handfuls of nuts, smearing peanut butter on your banana, and asking yourself why the scale figures are increasing? Of course, nuts are a excellent source of protein and healthy fat for vegans, but they are also higher in calories – a two-tablespoon serving of peanut butter will operate you 210 calories! If you’e involved about protein, examine out these protein-rich, minimal-calorie vegan meals, and consist of these vegan protein sources in your diet.

Ooh, This Ice Cream Is Dairy-Free of charge!

It is amazing how much Daiya cheese and Soy Tasty nondairy frozen desserts taste just like the actual issue. It can be really thrilling to find out these foodstuff after living with no them for so lengthy, but a vegan can’t live on dairy-free ice cream alone. Try this vegan ice cream produced with bananas that is about a hundred and fifty energy for each serving.

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We are pumped to share a single of our favored tales from Well being right here on POPSUGAR Fitness.

By Sunny Sea Gold

Let us encounter it, sometimes there’s absolutely nothing greater at the finish of a long working day than a glass of wine. But sipping a lot more than that can wreak havoc with your shape, and not just by introducing hundreds of calories to your diet regime. Alcohol briefly keeps your human body from burning excess fat, clarifies integrative drugs professional Pamela M. Peeke, MD, creator of The Starvation Repair. The purpose is that your entire body can not shop energy from alcoholic beverages for later on, the way it does with foodstuff energy. So when you consume, your metabolic system have to cease what it really is undertaking (like, say, burning off energy from your last food) to get rid of the booze.

“Ingesting presses ‘pause’ on your metabolic process, shoves away the other energy, and suggests, ‘Break me down first!’” Dr. Peeke clarifies. The result is that whatsoever you lately ate receives saved as body fat. What’s worse: “Investigation has uncovered that alcoholic beverages especially decreases unwanted fat burn in the tummy,” Dr. Peeke adds. “That is why you in no way listen to about ‘beer hips,’ you hear about a ‘beer belly.’”

So can a woman at any time appreciate a consume without having placing on lbs .? Absolutely, if you imbibe the appropriate way. In simple fact, massive, prolonged-expression research revealed in the Archives of Inside Medicine and Worldwide Journal of Being overweight located that center-aged and older ladies who drank reasonably (about 1 drink a working day) obtained much less weight over time than those who by no means imbibed at all they had been also less probably to grow to be overweight.

It truly is a sophisticated topic, but JoAnn Manson, MD, professor of drugs at Harvard Health care Faculty and co-author of the research, claims that the average drinkers appeared to be more very likely to compensate for the occasional beverages by taking in fewer energy from other sources and also tended to be a little far more physically energetic. (In other words and phrases, they failed to get blitzed on margaritas, then dive in to a bowl of fried ice product.) What else beyond simple exercising and calorie-counting can preserve happy hour from turning into significant hour? Wellness dug into the analysis and grilled the specialists on how you can have your sips and denims that even now zip.

Maintain looking through for four rules on how to drink alcohol with no gaining bodyweight.
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If you’re trying to lose those last stubborn pounds for an upcoming wedding or to fit better in your bikini, kicking it up a notch in the cardio department is a surefire way to torch calories and slim down. When monitoring your progress with a scale, you may notice the numbers staying the same or actually going up instead of dropping down as expected. So what gives?

When it comes to losing weight, try to think about it this way. You want to lose fat, but that doesn’t necessarily translate to losing pounds as measured by a scale. When increasing your cardio workouts, you’ll gain more muscle, and while muscle doesn’t weigh more than fat, it is more dense, which means a pound of muscle takes up less space than a pound of fat. So even though you’re losing body fat, the muscle you gain explains why you’re heavier when stepping on the scale.

Try not to worry too much about what the scale says, since weight isn’t necessarily an accurate way to determine how healthy and fit you are. It’s better to keep an eye on how toned you look in the mirror and how you feel when slipping on your clothes. If you can tell you’re slimming down, then you know all your hard work is paying off.

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For many who have stuck to their healthy ways all week long, the weekend is a time to loosen up the reigns a little, ignore weight-loss rules, and indulge in some high-calorie Cinco de Mayo goodness. If you’re not careful though, an entire weekend of living it up could make you gain the pounds you’ve worked so hard to keep off all week. Here are some ways to splurge a little this weekend and not feel guilty on Monday morning.

  • Sip on this: If you’re starting the Cinco de Mayo festivities a little early tonight, pass on the margaritas made with premade sugary mix and go for a glass made with real lime juice and a splash of simple syrup to save calories (opt for no salt on the rim). Or you can skip the margarita altogether and whip up a batch of this low-cal sangria-inspired cocktail made with heart-healthy red wine, unfiltered cranberry juice, and fresh strawberry puree.
  • Skip this calorie-loaded app: Ordering an enormous plate of nachos topped with sour cream, cheddar cheese, seasoned ground beef, and avocado means devouring a huge amount of calories before your entrée even arrives. Start with a small taco salad instead made with fresh greens, peppers, tomatoes, corn, black beans, a few crushed tortilla chips, and sprinkled with an avocado vinaigrette.
  • BYO movie snacks: If you’re hitting the theater to catch The Avengers, walk right by that concession stand and get a good seat. Wait until the lights go dim and the movie begins before pulling out your air-popped popcorn seasoned with nutritional yeast, homemade trail mix complete with raw almonds, dried blueberries, and dark chocolate chips, and the chewy oatmeal peanut butter coconut cookies you baked that afternoon. Wash it down with water from your reusable water bottle. You’ll save dough and tons of fat and calories.
  • Walk it off: Sundays are traditionally family brunch days, so to celebrate the end of the weekend, feel free to enjoy a warm stack of homemade whole-wheat berry pancakes topped with fresh fruit and maple cinnamon yogurt. While digesting, plan a long two-hour workout, either a hike, bike ride, or walk, to work your muscles and work off those weekend calories.

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While springtime weather may encourage us to eat cooling salads and go for exhilarating runs outside, if you’re not careful, it can also lead to weight gain. Check out these must-follow tips to keep a lean bod in time to show it off in your bikini this Summer.

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