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Get ready to wow at the beach with these effective suspension-training moves from Self.

If you’re looking for a great workout that will build strength and increase flexibility – the search is over! We’ve got some TRX suspension training drills that will kick your butt (in the best way possible: hello, tighter buns), while sculpting and toning everything from your shoulders and arms down to your abs and legs.

Suspension training utilizes your body weight and gravity to give you a fast and effective workout. With temperatures heating up as we move into the month of July, these three moves are perfect for getting beach ready.

TRX Lunges 

With the TRX suspension trainer at mid calf length (handles just below knee height), place your right foot into both foot cradles and stand facing away from the anchor point (above left). Begin in a “runner’s start” position with your right knee about a foot behind your left heel (above right). Squeeze from your glutes and stand straight up. With each successive rep, lower the back knee to the same location about two inches off of the ground. Repeat on the other side.

TRX Atomic Oblique Push-Ups

Begin with the suspension trainer at mid calf length and place both feet in the foot cradles, ending up ground facing away from the anchor point (above left). In a perfectly straight hand plank position (don’t let those hips sag), perform a push-up followed by a knee tuck toward one elbow (above right), and then the other. Option: the push-up can be performed from the knees.

TRX Y Deltoid Fly

Fully lengthen the TRX suspension trainer and stand facing the anchor point with one foot slightly in front of the other (above left). Lift your arms up into a Y to put tension on the suspension trainer (above right). Bend the back knee and lower down into a tight plank. Keeping the arms straight, return to the starting position. To make this exercise harder, take a small step toward the anchor point and vice versa.

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Only have a week or two before you don a bikini and want to look your best? We asked the top celebrity trainers to spill all the last-minute weight-loss advice they give their clients when they are prepping for a red carpet event or photo shoot. While we won’t say it’s not hard work, the good news is that there aren’t any gimmicks or starvation schemes. Even better news? You’ll feel strong, confident, and ready to wow in just a few days. Check out the last-minute weight-loss secrets below!

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Don’t just walk by your stability ball! It’s one of the best fitness tools you can own, so put yours to good use with these incredibly effective moves. Get ready to target your arms, abs, butt, and legs – you’ll definitely be sore tomorrow. Remember, size does matter! It’s best to work with a ball appropriately sized for you, so check out this exercise ball chart to see which dimension best fits you.

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The following post was written by Sia Cooper, who blogs at Diary of a Fit Mommy and is part of POPSUGAR Select Fitness.

When it comes to donning that itsy-bitsy-teeny-weeny-yellow-polka-dot bikini, there’s a lot of confidence that must go with it! In fact, confidence is probably the most charming accessory that you can wear. Here are five tips to get yourself bikini conifdent enough to rock that new swimsuit you’ve been dreaming of!

Have you ever heard that a smile is the most gorgeous thing that a woman can wear? It is so true! Studies have shown that other people are attracted to your smile and it is the first thing that they notice – not your body! Slap on some red lipstick, and gleam away!

Have Fun!
When you have fun, what else matters? When you show others that you enjoy having fun, you automatically become more appealing, drawing those who matter into your personality and worry less about your body!

Improve Your Posture
Bad posture can make you look less than stellar. It can also make you look shorter and thicker as well. Stand up straight wherever you go, and be sure to sit up straight when sitting down. The way you carry yourself says a lot about the amount of confidence you own as well.

Ignore Everyone Else
When it comes to you feeling and looking your best, who else matters but you? Enjoy that bikini for you – no matter who may be staring away.

Eat Clean
Eating clean does wonders for your body. It slims and gives you an overall better appearance - not to mention how great you will feel! That shows through as well!

No matter how or where you find your confidence, be sure to bring it no matter where you go, and you will be the life of the party!

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The following post was written by Lindsey Joe, who blogs at D.I.Y. Dietician and is part of POPSUGAR Select Fitness.

It’s that time of year again when the temperature rises, patios and pools open up, and for some of us, our “super self-consciousness” comes out. Why is that? Aren’t we supposed to be Summer lovin’ in our swimmies? Well you can be! Check out my four tips to help you be bold in your bikini this year, and begin to banish that summertime self-doubt.

  1. Find a suit that suits you: Forget the latest fashion trends, and be sure to find a bathing suit that you feel good in. If you feel comfortable in your swimsuit, feeling confident at the beach will be that much easier.
  2. Treat yo self!: Nothing like a little me time on the regular to help you feel good. And it doesn’t have to be some big splurge – maybe it’s a fresh coat of nail polish, taking a few extra minutes to do your hair in a cute ‘do, or catching up on some much-needed Zs from the hectic week. Whatever it is, be sure to take time for yourself each day.
  3. Make a move: Plan to get your blood flowing before slipping on that swimsuit. Exercise releases endorphins, which trigger a positive, happy, and relaxed feeling in the body.
  4. Talk the talk: Promote the power of positivity by nixing any negative thoughts. Remember, positive mind equals positive vibes and a positive life!

Being kind to yourself and your body takes practice, but in time you can be that bolder self you always imagined.

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As you get ready to rock your bikini, don’t forget about your backside - we recommend working your hamstrings and glutes. Learn how to tone these muscles with the advanced bridge, and then see how many reps you can do in 60 seconds. Remember: you can do anything for a minute!

Let us know how you did in the comments section below.

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The following post was written by Marian Ferry, who blogs at Peanut Butter Plank and is part of POPSUGAR Select Fitness.

Bikini season is practically here! You’ve been working hard in and out of the gym all winter, so it’s time to show off your hard work and to be proud of what you accomplished.

As women we have a natural tendency to compare ourselves to others. As I recently competed in a National Physique Committee (NPC) bikini competition, I learned that comparison is the thief of joy. Once I stopped comparing myself to other women, had confidence in myself in a bikini, and was able to enjoy the moment and not worry for one second if my thighs looked too big or my arms weren’t small enough, I was able to feel the joy of hard work.

As a woman who grew up with many insecurities during summertime (especially in shorts or a bikini) I have discovered my favorite tips and tricks to feeling your absolute best in your favorite bikini!

1)   Be confident. You could be the most fit woman in the world. But if you walk on to the beach and aren’t confident in yourself, it shows. That is what people are going to notice before they see the cellulite you might be fixated on. Instead, focus on how excited you are to be outside in beautiful weather in your favorite bikini! Let your confidence shine through for everyone to see!

2)   Stay hydrated. One of the best ways to beat belly bloat and to feel your best is to down some H2O. Stay away from carbonated drinks and sugary juices and instead swap them for water with lemon or cucumber slices to stay cool and bloat free. Drink a glass first thing in the morning. I aim to down 1 gallon of water a day.

3)   Catch rays the smart way. If you’re anything like me, you might feel more confident in a bikini if you have a warm glow to your skin. But say NO to harmful rays from the sun and tanning beds this summer. My summer must-haves for having a warm glow are St. Tropez gradual tanning lotion and my favorite BB cream with SPF 30 by Tarte. And don’t forget to lather on the SPF everywhere before you leave the house. Just because you achieved a safe summer glow doesn’t mean you are protected without sunscreen!

4)   Amp up your cardio. My favorite way to feel my best in a bikini is to increase my cardio during the summer. Not only does it help me stay active, but also by including circuit style workouts that incorporate both cardio and strength training, I shed excess pounds and increase lean muscle to keep the curves I love most while shedding some that I could live without.

5)   Add an incline. If you’re into walking or running on the treadmill, challenge yourself and increase the incline to really target your hips and glutes. While most of us have a tendency to focus more on our midsection during the summer, don’t let your lower body take a back seat to your killer abs! 

6)   Enjoy cool indulgences. Instead of reaching for your favorite ice cream cone, make a more bikini friendly cool treat. For some of us, dairy products like ice cream or frozen yogurt can cause bloating. Try my favorite banana coconut “ice cream” instead. In a blender, combine 1 frozen sliced banana, a tiny bit of unsweetened vanilla coconut milk, a couple drops of coconut extract, and a couple ice cubes. Once blended, enjoy as is or stick it back in the freezer for a couple minutes to thicken the consistency. Add 5-6 dark chocolate chips on top for an extra treat!

7)   Invest in the right bikini. Okay, there’s nothing worse than buying a bikini, bringing it home, and then sporting it to the pool or beach only to realize the fit and cut is all types of wrong! Ask your best friend (and the most honest) to come bikini shopping with you to make sure you invest in a bikini that helps you look as confident as you feel!

8)    Combat your cravings. During the summer is when I crave sweet treats the most. To stay bikini ready all summer, I like to drink jasmine tea to combat the cravings I have during the day. Make a big batch by soaking tea bags in a pitcher of water and serve over ice for a refreshing afternoon treat for you and your friends!

Happy summer, everyone! 

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Present day Bikini Physique Countdown workout commences with a quick cardio intervals to melt away some calories and tummy excess fat and ends with a emphasis shaping some sexy shoulders. And it only will take 30 minutes! Start off with twenty minutes on the treadmill, taking part in with the two velocity and incline (or try this elliptical training). Then conclude your sweat session with 10 minutes of arm operate with celeb coach Anna Kaiser.

Treadmill Work out: 20 Minutes


Arm Training: ten Minutes

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